International Export Of Livestock, Semen & Embryos


To maintain or increase the genetic potential of a herd, the breeder must always be searching for new genetics that will complement his herd base. Many of these genetics are found in the international marketplace.

The goal of American Genetics Export Services is to facilitate the export of livestock genetics, assisting both the buyer and seller in the movement of genetics internationally.


cows in herd
American Genetics Export Services
With over 30 years experience in exporting all breeds of cattle, horses, sheep/goats as well as semen and embryos. 

Provides all coordination between the buyer and seller from the time of selection until the genetics are delivered to the buyer's country. This includes managing all export testing, health and shipment documentation, contracting for insurance, trucking and international transport... providing a full service to manage all shipment activities on behalf of both the buyer and seller.